Students - Leadership Lunch

Mrs Lyon invites selected students to share lunch with herself and the Deputy Principals at the end of each term. Students are nominated by their teachers for consistently showing CPR - Care, Personal Best and Responsibility. These students help to make our school come alive!

Our next Leadership Principal's Breakfast will be held on Tuesday 11 December 2018.


LEADERSHIP LUNCH - Tuesday 27 March 2018

As a Board member for Karratha Primary School we commit to different events that occur on the term planner.  On Thursday 29 March I attended the Leadership Lunch.  There was a sense of great pride for the children that were invited to the lunch with the honour of being in the staffroom and having some fantastic food prepared by the school canteen.  Talking with different children they shared what they had done to share a lunch time with Mrs Lyon.  The need to help others, to work hard, to follow instructions and the need to show care are all parts of the CPR matrix and behaviours that were on display during the lunch.  The Leadership Lunch showed the level of celebration related to behaviour and I will be looking forward to attending future events in my capacity as a Board member. 

 Lisa Campbell