School Board

School Board 2016

Chairperson:                Daphne Trevurza

Deputy Chairperson:    Ed Clarke

Members:                    Kate Lyon, Felicity Lampard, Tanya Graham, Rob Graham,  Ashley Eversden, Lisa Campbell, Rebecca Webse,                                                            Emelene Burton, Mervyn Lockyer, Trish Sanson, Michelle Doherty, Ashleigh Nock and Clinton Walker.


The School Board should:

· Participate in and oversee the formulation of the School Business Plan and Delivery and Performance Agreement

· Participate in and ratify school policy development

· Increase awareness in the school community about how the school operates

· Provide a forum by which staff, parents and community members may forward views or ideas about the school’s policies and programs

· Provide a forum for discussion of controversial curriculum issues

· Promote the school in the community

· Report back to parents and staff