School Board

School Board 2015

Chairperson:                Daphne Trevurza

Deputy Chairperson:    Ed Clarke

Members:                     Kate Lyon, Felicity Lampard, Tanya Graham, Rob Graham, Madge Mohi, Ashley Eversden, Stuart Chettle, Lisa Campbell,     Kate Girnth, Rebecca Webse, Emelene Burton and Clinton Walker.


The School Board should:

· Participate in and oversee the formulation of the School Business Plan and Delivery and Performance Agreement

· Participate in and ratify school policy development

· Increase awareness in the school community about how the school operates

· Provide a forum by which staff, parents and community members may forward views or ideas about the school’s policies and programs

· Provide a forum for discussion of controversial curriculum issues

· Promote the school in the community

· Report back to parents and staff